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Presented by Studio 424

Almost Ergonomic is a group show
featuring work by:
Alex Chitty
Laura Hart Newlon & Kate O’Neill
David Bodhi Boylan
Jeff Prokash

Curated by Third Object

The opening reception will be held at Studio 424 on Saturday, August 23rd from 5pm-9pm.

Refreshments will be provided. Studio 424 will also be open for additional exhibition hours on Sunday, August 24th from 2pm-6pm.

About the Show:

Ergonomics reassures us that when objects are fit for our bodies, the stresses and strains from our daily routines will melt away. Ergonomics is functionality, legibility and ease, a fluid world without resistance. But these are the qualities of the designed object. What is the ergonomics of a work of art?

In Almost Ergonomic, a group show featuring work by Alex Chitty, Laura Hart Newlon & Kate O’Neill, David Bodhi Boylan and Jeff Prokash, the lines that separate the designed object and the work of art are exaggerated for examination. Whereas the ergonomic form reveals itself, the almost ergonomic gets lost in its own self-reference, blocking the tactile pleasures of human-centered design. The works in this exhibition aspire to a smooth relationship with the human form but find themselves tripped up on their own materiality.

Download Third Object's essay: Legible to Hand